Illuminance-meter: 540 €           Illuminance-meter: 455 €

  • Low cost illuminance-meter
  • Measuring range covers 1 mlx - 199 klx
  • Correct light- measurement of AC-powered discharged lamps

  • Fine approximation to the spectral luminous efficiency curve V(lambda) of the human eye
  • Photometer-head with cosine-correction

  • Diameter of the sensitive light area D = 11mm
    The detector head can be separated (optional)

  • Special tubeadapter to measure the luminance

  • 9-V-lithium-blockbattery with 1,2 Ah (working time approximately 600 hours !)
  • A useful pocket size device for office, factory, school and domestic.
    Applications in physics, optoelectronics, meteorology, botany, biology and medicine.
  • Presentation and Background information, read more about Minilux.
  • printer friendly PDF presentation

             tubeadapter to measure the luminance
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